Crooked Roads

by The Tisburys

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Dedicated to all the travelers out there

All songs written by Tyler Asay and composed/arranged by The Tisburys


released January 27, 2017

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Justin Nazario

Tyler Asay: vocals, guitar, handclaps
Matt Montella: drums, additional percussion
Zac Barnes: bass
Ethan Stauffer: piano and organ on tracks 1, 2, and 3; lead guitar on track 3
Justin Nazario: lead guitar on tracks 1 and 2
Kathleen Pearlberg: flute on track 3, handclaps on track 1
Dan Nazario: Additional drums and percussion on track 1
Matt Schenkel: handclaps on track 1

Cover photo: Brandon Conniff
Cover design: Marty Sweeney



all rights reserved


The Tisburys Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Americana rock and roll based in Philadelphia, PA


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Track Name: Crooked Roads
Oh, those crooked roads
Those crooked roads are paved with gold
They're paved with gold, I did not know which way to go
I did not know which way to go, down crooked roads
I did not know which way to go

You led me down the stairs with a cigarette
With the world-worn wear of a wayward suffragette
You sang me my favorite song, "Tiny Dancer,"
You asked me a question and I could not hear the answer

Free, you're running free
The wind is chasing after me
It's after me, and all I know I couldn't see
I couldn't see, I couldn't see the falling leaves
The falling leaves, on crooked roads I couldn't see

My heart stopped and then I hit the floor
You got in the car and you shut the door
Please just tell me which way I should go
As I stumble down those crooked roads
Track Name: Heart Of Chrome
I never told you about the day
When I fell apart and drowned away
Take me from this land with broken homes
With darkened hearts and lonely broken bones

You always felt the same way too
Even when it wasn't easy enough for you
I didn't think it would get much harder
Until you left me treading in shallow water

Didn't think I cared for anyone
I still hope you're having fun
Couldn't take it when you couldn't stay
I just hope you'll be okay

Take your time to tell me how you feel
Until then I'll wait for you to heal
Never thought you'd go this far from home
I didn't always have this heart of chrome

It's my fault
Track Name: The Fallows
I was walking in the rain through the backstreets of Towanda
The money in my pockets running dry
I was looking for my lover, but she had run for cover
Underneath those pale geranium skies

I bought a ticket for the train that would take me 20 hours
The wind was howling old forgotten lines
I thought we'd walk together, through fields of love forever
But fields of love would never be that kind

If I fall asleep tonight, would you hold my hand?
All alone in a far and foreign land?
If I fall asleep tonight, would you take me home?
To those fallow fields of wild wheat and gold?

As the train pulled to the station I saw familiar faces
All of which are painted on with lies
There was only one I looked for, the smile that I longed for
And there you were with a smile in your eyes